When Time Doesn’t Heal All Wounds

As I was driving this morning, conversations with dear friends lately were replaying over and over in my mind about the loss of loved ones. Bear with me for a moment…

Last week, I came across some notes that Mary Jo had sent me. She was amazing. You would have absolutely adored her. She lit up the room when she walked in. She was faithful, smart, kind, compassionate. She had a big spread in Alpine but lived in Lewisville for family reasons. She was as ranchy as could be but such a lady. She died unexpectedly, leaving us all grief stricken. I sat here last week reading her words, with tears…big tears…rolling down my face.

And it hit me. Grief never leaves us. Loss of family, loved ones, relationships. It is something we will carry forever. But I think we work so hard to disconnect from it – to separate ourselves from the pain. We work ourselves to the point of exhaustion. We make ourselves laugh. We find people and activities to busy up our time so that we aren’t having to deal with the quiet time.

But those moments when we are reduced to tears and sit in silence (or with the Ray Price radio on)…I think that is THE time in which our loved ones are reminding us to slow down. To live life. To enjoy it. To do the things and go the places we promised we would. To be the person they saw in us and encouraged us to be. To quit working so hard to just get through the day, but to enjoy it. Savor it.

Don’t let so much time go by and work yourself so hard that you forget to still be alive and LIVING!

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