The struggle is between wearing boots, heels or going barefoot. Texan,writer, photographer, pie baker, Jesus lover. Turquoise is my soul color.

Chronicling life on the horizon: a journey through life, turning 50 this year, parenting/empty nesting, love, cooking, baking, laughter, faith, friendship, and photography. Redefining myself one day at a time, and helping others to do so as well through unconditional love and acceptance. I own Lost on the Horizon Photography and am the proud owner of Flying SR Custom Works. I am also humbled to work with Warrior Cry Music Project, helping active military and veterans with the wounds of war through the use of music. I am Texas bred and born and very proud to be the family geo-caching, techo-geek, shoe loving, Plexus drinking, jill of all trades.

Stuff you probably wish you didn’t know: I’m quickly approaching 4…oh hell, do you really care?  I do everything …or attempt… out of love. I’ve also realized it is okay to do things out of love for myself. I hate green peas, brussel sprouts, and the sound of an animal in distress (if you’ve ever been around cows in labor you’ll understand what I mean). I don’t like the Beatles, am not real fond of the Rolling Stones, but love the Steve Miller Band, Jimmy Buffet, AC/DC and just about anything classified as Texas music or old fashioned honky tonk. At one point, I might have been classified as a Willie Nelson stalker. I’m learning to redefine myself as myself separate of anyone I’ve ever been related to, the stigma of growing up and living in the same town for 35 years, or anything I have assumed I should be for the sake of others. I love high heels, costume jewelry, and big west Texas hair. I am on a wellness journey that includes physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual (not in any order) and am in total admiration of the majority of people I surround myself with on and offline. I have the most awesome, loving, kind, compassionate God. My body resides in the Texas Hill Country, my soul remains in west Texas, my spirit wherever there are wide open spaces and awe inspiring sunsets, and my heart is scattered in bits and pieces here, there and everywhere in between. I snort sometimes when I laugh and have found it is okay if everyone doesn’t share my dry, corny sense of humor…you’ll get it soon enough and be laughing also. We have two mottos in our house: “Do all things with love” and “Praise the Lord and pass the Pie” (and for the family, I’m sorry: ‘You’re so pretty’ is not a motto).

I’ve been writing for years, most of which I only charge those closest to me to read. For some strange reason, I’ve been tasked with sharing what I write with the world. If you’ve happened upon this page, then I hope you take something away with you. I have learned, the hard way, that there is almost always something for me, but I’ve first got to open my heart before my mind will follow. I was told I’d write a book one day, and I believe that day is now quickly approaching!

Love Always,


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