Get Over Yourself

Since I took the website down, most of my writings have been on Facebook. I’m always humbled when people reach out with their stories, often the inspiration behind my posts.  I hope you enjoy. This is from a 2/13/16 FB post (original link):

I’ve sat back and watched my brothers and their dreams come to fruition with their wives by their sides and I’ve watched my sisters as they go about building their own businesses WHILE they stand in support of their husband’s success and I’ve realized key things about them both.

First, let’s just define success as doing what you do to the best of your ability with purpose and passion.  For some of the men I know, you are always going to be RIGHT where you are,  no matter how hard you work because of the type of women you have in your life.  Now,  I know all women are different and have different spiritual gifts and come with their own history, story, “baggage”, and dreams,  but if you are continually allowing women into your lives who sow doubt, negativity,  discourse, discouragement, drama, nitpicking, disappointment, disdain and who do not embrace your goals,  your dreams,  your desires … you might as well get real comfortable,  real fast, right where you are.  Your success is due partly to the woman you have that will embrace your dream (no matter how crazy or out of the box … or buckin’ chute… it is), and will do everything in their power to help you bring it alive.

The woman in your life should be able – and willing – to pray over, for and with you on a daily basis. They should hav26594da9-1313-482b-a499-aaa1c2e3a502e passions and purpose of their own. You should be able to spend 10 minutes in a room full of people with them and know how they treat others face to face and behind their backs, how they respond to small children,  elderly, and those carrying their own burdens. You should be able to feel inspired,  motivated, and have the desire to want to dig deeper into your own well of being and improve your life and be a better man … not because of guilt or nagging, but because she inspires that in you.  Your success is due in part at being able to work together and separately….or states apart for months. She will do and be who she is and you will know because, while she is independent and successful, there is still room for the two of you to build, grow, and succeed together (and separately).

This may sting a bit,  but men,  get over yourselves, out of your pity parties and quit looking in all the wrong places for all the wrong reasons. Quit trying to fill voids,  holes,  or feel like “this is all I deserve” !!! And not to leave you women out of the equation: Ladies, if you don’t have successful, hard working,  purpose filled men in your lives,  it’s time to start evaluating what kind of woman you are striving to be, what you’re allowing into your life and what you desire vs what you deserve!

And I’m now stepping down (carefully because y’all know how graceful I am with steps) off my soap box and headed into fix some breakfast!

Love BIG,