There is such freedom in living in the truth that God created you to be you … with your own gifts, skills, talents, and purpose. Comparison is a terrible thing. Instead, surround yourself by those who lift you up and help fuel the fire of your OWN passions! Living to be like someone else will only rob you of true joy, happiness, and fulfilling your dreams. Live and love who you are!

Be a badass, be fierce, be tenderhearted, be the complete opposite of those…who cares, just be YOU.

Squinty eyes and crazy desert air, but who cares! Y’all know the effect of being home has on me. The faces and places…it is all that makes my heart soar, my spirit dance, and my soul sing.

Fall photo shoot locations confirmed and dates in the works for Flying SR Custom Works. For all those who have reached out, I’ll be in touch soon.

Be blessed!
Keepin’ the West Wild,


Laughter is the fireworks of the soul… and is the cure all for most of what ails you.

Buttermilk pie will cure all the rest.

If you’re not surrounded by people who make you laugh, whose existence you enjoy, that don’t laugh out loud or at themselves or find humor in the small, quirky, dorky, corny, silly things in life, you just might want to reevaluate who you spend your time with.

I am, however, blessed by those who make me laugh, each and every day, and am beyond thankful for their existence.

May you be blessed today but may you also be a blessing!

Big love,
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Shout to the Lord

With everything in life… you have to focus on the good, the gifts, the blessings.

🌻Give thanks for them.
🌻The more you give thanks, the more you find to be thankful about.
🌻The more thankful you are, the happier you become.
🌻The happier you become, the more joy you will find.

Bad stuff happens. We all hit low spots. Places of confusion, sadness, strife. We question our relationships, our status, our worth and our faith. But on those days you’re faced with all of that, I challenge you to stop.

🌻Take a deep breathe, and reevaluate.
🌻Look at the good in your life.
🌻The people you have who love and cherish you, who pray for you and encourage you.
🌻The places you’ve been and the things you’ve overcome.
🌻 Look around and find the good and I promise, as you acknowledge and nurture it, it will become downright amazing!

Peace, love, and pie!

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