What a year it’s been!

What a year it has been! People ask where I get my enthusiasm and positive outlook. It comes from waking up each morning knowing God has a bigger purpose for me than I can ever imagine. It comes from knowing that in the darkest times, He’s always been there. You only get so many second chances to truly live your life … so do/be/live/love what makes you happy / sets your soul on fire / makes you feel alive. Live a life full of adventure, stories, love, and laughter! It’s all about choices my friends!

From March 25, 2016:

Other than the day my beautiful girl came into this world, I don’t think I’ve ever cried so many tears of joy. I’ve spent the last two weeks being off FB, which isn’t a bad thing, and it has been time well spent with family and in a state of “RE” – REst, REcuperation, REjuvination, REpurpose.

I received the best news ever this morning. My results from Monday’s procedure came back benign. This is the first time EVERYTHING removed came back benign and the first time in 6 years that there was NO signs of cancer in the polyps.

There are no words to express the love and gratitude for all the love, support, prayers, texts, messages, hand holding (and hair holding as I puked my brains out Sunday and Monday), FB posts (I have the best little sister in the world), and words of comfort. I am truly the most blessed person in the world. God is great!

Have a wonderful Easter!

Live Big!


If You’re Happy and You Know It…

Real life truth right here: you’ll never BE happy with anyone until you’re happy with yourself. Able to spend time by yourself. Able to be alone. Able to look in the mirror, with all your flaws, stretch marks, scars (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual ), and speak kindly to yourself. You’ll never be happy until you finally realize17264993_10101407017178581_6793982253575726291_n that happiness is not a life void of trials and tribulations but one that is full of faith, grace, and choice. It is only when you allow healing to occur and gratitude to reign that you will be truly happy and will attract like minded people into your life. That’s when you can be with someone who feeds your happiness and helps it grow.


Live BIG!