See you later my friend

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. ” – Roger Caras

Kendall and her girls, February 2017

Kendall and her girls, February 2017

6 years, 2 months we’ve been blessed with unconditional love from this ole gal. When she came to us at 5 1/2, she’d basically been left for dead. She made the best road trip, hotel staying, rodeo going, livestock show circuit, office sharing, exercise accountability, Sunday cuddle up on the couch “pup” you could ask for. Tomorrow, we say “see you later, give Grammy a slobbery kiss for us.” Kendall Marie, thank you for making our house a home. You’ll always be remembered and greatly missed. You are loved by hundreds, most of whom have never even met you.
Thank you @legacyboxerrescue for saving her life. We all know that we don’t rescue dogs, they rescue us.
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