2019: Bold and Unapologetic

I love reading everyone’s posts reflecting on 2018 and dreaming big for 2019. Years ago, my dear MOJO taught me to spend time in quiet reflection and prayer and listen to what God was writing on my heart for the upcoming year.

2018 was #theyearofpurpose. I wasn’t sure what that was going to look like, except that #purpose struck a chord in so many ways. As 2018 came to an end, I believe I let God guide me to understand what purpose really meant, and my heart and spirit rejoice in what He’s shown me.

My 2019 word/phrase hit me like a 2×4. It isn’t about becoming something, it is about:

🌻Embracing who I already am in Him.
🌻Being bold and unapologetic in my faith.
🌻Rejoicing In the spiritual gifts God has given me.
🌻Sharing my unwavering and unconditional love for others.

Many dreams were gifted over this household in 2018. I don’t believe just because a new year is upon us, those dreams disappear. I believe that if we let Him, He will guide us, using whatever choices we have made, into manifesting those dreams that He has given us. Some may come true, and some may shift like the warm summer breeze. There are goals that were set that were not met, and I believe that there is a purpose for that. You’ll start seeing the ones that stir my soul manifest, there’s no doubt.

I refuse to make resolutions that will only set myself up for failure and disappointment in myself. However:

🌻I will establish goals that work towards what sets my soul on fire and what I feel my purpose is.
🌻I will (try) learn to not be so hard on myself.
🌻I will embrace and rejoice in the glory and hope of each new day.
🌻I will no longer apologize for being passionate, full of joy, or loving people unconditionally. These are my gifts to the world. It is no one’s place to refuse them of others.
🌻I will continue to nurture my tender heart and not let the world harden God’s gift to me.
🌻I will be brave in stepping out where I am often most uncomfortable.
🌻I will not feel guilty for enjoying the gift of good food with family and friends because we all know food is a love language in this home.
🌻I will not chastise myself for not going to the gym because I hate my body. On the contrary, I will go to the gym because I love this vessel that has carried me through the storms, peaks, and valleys of life.
🌻I will TRY to not take life so seriously, because God knows, we don’t get out of it alive.

My promise to myself is that I will live boldly and unapologetically in His grace, abundance, and purpose over my life.

I will continue to create and rejoice and dance in the beauty of each day and to continue being a dreamer, encourager, and champion of the lost at heart and downtrodden spirit.

I encourage you today to set down the resolutions that are temporary and dream of what soothes your soul, bewilders your spirit, or sets your heart on fire and make 2019 all about that.

My verse of the year: You may make your plans, but God directs your actions. Proverbs 16:9

Happy New Year to my friends and family. I pray joy, healing, laughter, happiness, peace, and health over you and yours. Remember life is short, so live your legacy each and every day.

Here’s to an absolutely, positively, unforgettable 2019.
Big love,

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