I’m Bringing Sexy Back

Okay, so the title sounded better in my head, but if you come to think about it, there is something sexy (romantic, sentimental, caring – insert the adjective of your liking depending on who you’re writing) about finding a handwritten note in the mail, sitting on the dresser, taped to the mirror, or on the kitchen table by someone you care about. Heck you don’t even have to buy a fancy card. Case in point:

My grandparents and parents. In Mexico. At night.

My parents (on the right) and her parents, Mariann and Milo, on the left. In Mexico. At night.

I’ve been cleaning out my garage. I know, you’re thinking OH HOLY HELL – the world really must be ending. No, I just figured it was time. In doing so, I have found quite a few little treasures. Cards from my Daddy, a letter I’ve never seen from my Mom to me written shortly after I was born (oh yeah, cue about 30 minutes of tears), and a couple little notes from my Granddaddy to my Grandmother (which I’m going to frame). MiloThis one especially made me chuckle written on the back of an envelope:

To the nicest person I know in this world. Thanks for doing all the menial chores. Sorry I missed you this trip but have hopes of connecting with you this week-end. Would advise taking one short course in math or reading or??? as I only ** found $2.29 on the table, and the financial statement said here is $5.00 for your supper. I love you.

The Boss (I hope) – Milo
PS. Note: Added letters to (crossword) puzzle. Ha Ha. Each asterisk denotes one (1) drink.

You have NO idea how much I giggled at reading this note, knowing what an incredibly loving couple my grandparents were, the sense of humor they both had, and that they were each other’s  best friends. I realize now where I get my mad off the cuff math skills from (thanks Bobo) and my sense of humor (my Dad and my Granddaddy).  When I called Tiffany to tell her about the note, the first thing she said was, OH MY GOD you need to frame that!

Milo and Mariann (Bobo)

My Mom’s parents, Milo and Mariann (Bobo)

Then, she sent me a bunch of pins (Pinterest speak for all you non pinners) on saving and archiving old letters and ways to display them.

You’re probably wondering what this has to do with anything…I am too right now. SQUIRREL. Oh yeah. I am taking up letter writing again. Even short note writing. Using the …hold on to your seats…the United Postal Service. I want my daughter to be able to read the words that are on my heart, or find little funny notes tucked inside a card, or one day, be cleaning out stuff and find letters I wrote her and remember all the goodness and love she brought into my life. I want my loved ones, my family, my friends to not have to save text messages from me, or forget all the memories we’ve shared, or the happy times. I want my relationships to be less technology and more human. More connected. More memorable. I want my grandkids – in a VERY long time from now – to be able to sit and chuckle at how “cute” their family was. That’s just not going to happen by itself. And it sure isn’t going to happen with Facebook and text messages.

So, I’m challenging you to put down the phone, disconnect from Facebook and Instagram and spend 30 minutes a week (a week, that’s it) and write a few notes to those you love, that you haven’t seen in a while, that did something that just made you smile and drop it in the mail. You’ll be glad you did and you’ll definitely make someone else’s day.


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