Rainbows, Dandelions and Unicorns, Oh My.

Purpose: the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists; have as one’s intention or objective.

We’re half way through the year, and I’m not sure that I understand any deeper what my purpose is or why this was my year for the word…but, I can tell you what I do know so far. Top 10 things I’ve learned so far in 2018:

1. I’m learning to be purposeful with my time. My emotions. My thoughts. My words. My actions. My prayers. My attention.

2. There is no such thing as a healthy diet. Only healthy eating. Quit using food as a reward or punishment. I grew up in a culture that food brought people together. You ate as a family. You laughed, cried, celebrated, mourned. Food is not the enemy. Your thoughts about it are. Take care of your body from the inside out, naturally!

3. I never thought I’d have chaco tan lines or that I’d enjoy the water as much as I do. There is such peace and tranquility in the water. It really does soothe the soul.

4. I’m okay some days just being okay. Not every day is a rainbow, unicorn, loud, boisterous, jam packed day. Quiet is nice.

5. I’m good with not wearing makeup most days, my hair pulled up/back, and my favorite tshirt on.

6. My peace and joy are mine. I’ve fought a lot of battles to get where I am, and while I can share my happiness with others, I can’t make, pray, or encourage them to fight for their own. They’ve got to want it themselves.

7. I am in love with myself. Now, before you go off… let me explain. I have been picked on, made fun of, mocked my whole life. I have never ever fit in. I spent a good part of my life trying to be better, look better, do better. For what? Validation from others. Until one day I realized, if I don’t love myself, how will anyone else? I’m okay with not posting revealing photos of myself, or that I’ll always have curves, my teeth are small, my hair is big, my laugh is loud. But my love is pure. My friendship is forever. And my heart is on fire for God.

8. I spend a lot of time alone, and have truly come to learn the difference in being alone and being lonely. If you’re not careful, the 2nd will lead you down a path from which you can’t always return. Fortunately, I am developing habits that are making use of my time, including deleting Netflix and Prime video off my phone, monitoring my time on social media, and spending time growing my passions, skills, and talents… and when I do spend time with others, it is with those who make my life better, who love me for me, and encourage and support me.

9. It’s okay to be in a good mood when others aren’t. To have joy when others are sad. To see the silver lining when others only see black clouds. The other day, someone commented (about how I smile at everyone) that I just want everyone to be happy. No, that’s not it. Because some people may never be happy. I just want everyone to know that there is someone who cared enough to look up from what they were doing, make eye contact, and share a second of their time. Some days, those smiles may make or break someone’s day.

10. Leave yesterday’s worries, problems and heartaches in yesterday. Wake up each day knowing you have a clean slate, and while you may be having a bad day, it does not mean you’re having a bad life. Live through it and then let that shit go!

Here’s to an amazing rest of 2018!

Oh. PS.

11. Life, love, sunrises, adventure, and a good waltz wait for no one.

Peace, love, and pie!


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